Manolas scorns Malcom for leaving Roma at Barça


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Manolas celebrates Roma's third goal against Barça.

Kostas Manolas became public enemy number 1 of the Barcelona fans when he was the hero of Roma in the elimination of the Catalans in the Champions League. This Tuesday they will be seen again in the International Champions Cup, and the defense was in charge of going out to the media.

The first words were against a player recently arrived at the Blaugrana entity and who was very close to being his teammate: Malcom Da Silva. Manolas was in charge of publicly expressing the general anger that caused the Brazilian's fright to go to Barça.

I do not know who he is. I do not know him and before he signed for Barça he did not even know his name. I have no reason to say hello. If he did not want to go to Roma, then he better go to Barça, “he said about the Brazilian.

Despite this lit defense of the Romanist entity, Manolas may not follow the next campaign on the team. The center is limited to leaving everything in the hands of those above. “It's the board and the coach who think about it, it's not easy for me to think about leaving, I'm in a team that gives you everything, in a magnificent city and none of my teammates want to leave,” he warned.


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