Pogba to Barça, the pump of the transfer market


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Pogba takes the ball to Marcelo.

The news comes from Italy: Barcelona has contacted Paul Pogba. The French midfielder, recently proclaimed world champion in Russia 2018, has met with Eric Abidal, technical secretary of the Blaugrana entity, to face his possible signing and ask about the contractual conditions he has with Manchester United.

As published by Tuttosport, who is the one who has advanced the news, Abidal has taken advantage of Pogba's presence on vacation in Los Angeles to approach him. The meeting took place in a private villa in Beverly Hills, surrounded by secrecy, because it could be the big operation this summer.

The problem is what Manchester United asks. The club trained by José Mourinho paid 105 million euros, a price that at that time was unthinkable but that now, due to the inflation of prices that there is in the world of soccer, enters within the reasonable thing by a player of its characteristics. Barça can undertake the operation, whenever they need to cover the center of the field.

Ernesto Valverde was clear. Arthur is a good addition, but they need someone else, since he did not expect to lose Paulinho and Iniesta in the same campaign. Getting Pogba, a player with technique, a taste for the touch of the ball and with a lot of arrival, would be a huge achievement for the culé team, which would also be done with a player who in the past interested Real Madrid, as well as themselves, who already tested him in the summer of 2015.


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