Pogba to Barcelona? The French met emissary in Beverly Hills

¿Pogba a Barcelona? El francés se reunió con emisario en Beverly Hills

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Another shake to the market could occur in Europe given that in Italy already speculate with the possibility that Paul Pogba leaves Manchester United to go to FC Barcelona.

This, after that, according to Tuttosport, the recent world champion with the France team He met in the middle of his vacation in Beverly Hills with the emissary of the Catalan cast Eric Abidal, who was in Los Angeles with the Catalan squad, which is on a preseason tour.

The note explains that Abidal asked Pogba to meet in a private place, aware that he could be exposed to a penalty for contacting a player with a valid contract with another club.

According to the same source, Pogba wants to leave Manchester United, dissatisfied with his relationship with coach José Mourinho and Juventus is an option.


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