hierarchy and lack of control, the two sides of a risky bet

Arturo Vidal and Jerome Boateng

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Arturo Vidal and Jerome Boateng greet each other during a game with Bayern Munich.
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Arturo vidal He is, finally, a new player of Barcelona. The Chilean midfielder arrives to cover Paulinho's absence and at the request of Valverde, who was looking for a profile similar to that of the Brazilian as soon as possible.

'Rey Arturo' as he is called in his country, is a player who It stands out for its fierceness in the field, for both good and bad. Despite this, he is not an aggressive soccer player ('alone' has been expelled five times). An incombustible SUV to which you must add also su arrival in the area and scoring capacity. With 29 goals and 30 assists in his years in the Bundesliga, Vidal, without being the profile that fits most in the idea of ​​Barca game, does not clash in centers of the field full of associative players.

Thus, Pep Guardiola, continuation of the precious and aesthetic football of Barcelona, he asked for Bayern Munich. The Chilean contributed claw, commitment and strength to a center of the field full of subtlety and touch. The same thing that Paulinho proposed and that, despite the criticism after his arrival, gave an excellent result. Now, Vidal will rest the legs of Busquets and Rakitic and, in addition, will equip the team from the top.

Nevertheless, not everything is positive in what surrounds the hiring of Vidal. And is that his life off the field He has already played several bad passes. Sampaoli, who took him to the Chilean national team in 2015, he aired his problems with drinking and lack of control. And that same year he suffered a car accident for driving drunk. A pack, the one with the two faces of Arturo, which Barcelona will risk. In return, muscle, character, lungs and goal land at the Camp Nou.

In Bayern lose a beloved footballer. His partner Jerome Boateng has described him as “one of those guys you want to have on your team but never against you” in his farewell.

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