“Already with Paulinho everyone talked about more”

Ernesto Valverde

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Ernesto Valverde, during his press conference in California.
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Ernesto Valverde compare the arrival of Arturo vidal to the FC Barcelona, announced this Friday, with the Paulinho a year ago. Not for the characteristics of both, but for the misgivings that the signing of the Chilean has aroused among some sectors of Barcelona, ​​which -as in his day with the Brazilian- consider that he is not a player that fits the style of the club in the last decades “Everyone talked about more and it fit perfectly,” recalls Valverde.

“Last year there was a lot of controversy when Paulinho arrived, a lot of criticism before seeing him play for even a minute, and then he was a player that came in handy,” said the coach at his press conference on Friday in California (early in the morning). Saturday in Spain), before facing the AC Milan.

“In a club like ours there is space for everyone, for many types of players who can get into the group dynamics with one style or another. It is true that there are players who set the style for you in the field but then there are others who, when they arrive, join it and enrich it “.

Valverde gave as an example to Eric Abidal, current sports director of Barça: “He had a certain profile, he entered the team and it worked perfectly,” he said. “Sometimes there are players that maybe do not seem to meet that profile, that classic DNA that as you deviate a millimeter you get out of line … And what it's about is enriching all that, not that it's something bad.”

Vidal, contagious energy and spirit

According to Valverde, Vidal “gives everything in the field”: “He is aggressive in the game of attack and defensive. He has a lot of spirit and he is contagious, and also qualities of arrival and pressure “.

“We hope it will give us energy in the middle of the field,” he added. “He has a long experience and a proven quality over time. In all the teams where he has been playing many games, he has a lot of presence, he does not go unnoticed in the field, he is aggressive and we think that we can come very well. We hope that we contribute all this knowing that it is a different profile to the players we have, the same as we discussed a year ago with Paulinho. We think it can adapt well. ”


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