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Ernesto Valverde, Barcelona coach, during a press conference.

Ernesto Valverde appeared at a press conference after the defeat of Barça in the Levi's Stadium against Milan (1-0)

About the players of the subsidiary, Valverde it was blunt: “Of course we are happy with the response from the players of the affiliate that have come in. Also, of course, from Riqui, he has done a great second part, the idea is to be calm with the players because we all got excited fast. Of the Supercopa we will see. It's not about giving prizes in the Super Cup but to win it. Starting next week we will all meet again and we'll see what we do, “he said.

The technician, despite the defeats, believes that the sensations are good in the three games of preseason: “We have lost two games and we have tied one but I'm going with good feeling how the three parties have been. They beat us at the last minute also the second game. The outcome of today has been surprising because we have dominated but what it is about is to see players like Collado, Riqui Puig, Miranda, Cucurella that can help us ”

On this preseason and with the Supercopa around the corner, the technician was somewhat worried about the fact that many of the holders have not played any minutes yet: “It's a handicap with which we counted and what could happen. Seeing the dates we have to return, we will face that game with players who have not played minutes yet. Right now, there will be players who will participate in his first match without having had minutes in pre-season and we will play against a team that has three official games ”

Finally, the coach referred to the situation of Cillessen, who after the game has left open the door of the club: “My idea is to tell with two good goalkeepers which are what we have now and we have both. It is true that Jasper does not play as much as Marc but the goalkeeping is the same and it is the idea that I keep. He knows her. And I do not think that a rare situation is created, Not at all. Hopefully you stay with us and happy. We are very happy with his professionalism and his attitude “, he concluded.


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