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By Rodrigo Goldberg, @Polaco_Goldberg

The phenomenon of Arturo vidal It does not stop surprising anyone. When the sky seemed to darken, the clouds opened to give way to a light that shone in two tones. FC Barcelona appeared to take advantage of the offer made by Bayern Munich and became the Chilean's card.

The funny thing is not that Messi's team has noticed him, but that Bayern has discarded it without even taking it to the tour in the United States.

Surprised by the validity of the player and by excessive zeal that was the subject of his knee. But hey, what a principle seemed a great contempt turned into perhaps the best sporting opportunity ever received this footballer.

It is striking that the main qualities that stand out of Arturo Vidal are the display, the physical background and his warrior temperament, which is absolutely indisputable. But few notice the technical quality of the Chilean. His ability to play first and vent on the other side are one of his main arguments to highlight is the area of ​​fray. What seems to be somewhat useless, and which many confuse with tiki taka, is the pause before the change of pace.

If the “King” can reach the two areas it is for two main reasons. The first is his gifted physical condition and the second is that he knows how to discriminate the moments to breathe and press.

He did it in Juventus and masterfully in Bayern, mainly because he is a player who spreads and pushes.

What most highlighted the coaches who have directed Vidal is his ability to break from the second line. An extraordinary display that allows him to be a complete player who does everything well. Its versatility and its interpretation of the moments of the match make it desirable for any elite team.

For all these reasons it is useless to ask if it will fit with the genes which. The answer is a resounding yes. Even more in a moment of transition where the “Guardiolismo” has been slowly leaving the Camp Nou. By wear or by whatever the essence of that philosophy has been deteriorating over the years. The arrival of the Chilean Vidal can bring that extra degree of competitiveness and fight that can take it to the top.

Today more than ever Vidal has a clear chance to fight hand to hand a Champions League. More than in Juventus and clearly more than in Bayern.

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