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Arturo vidal be sincere. The Chilean flyer, in a particular interview he gave while driving in a car through the streets of Barcelona, ​​said, Despite his reputation as a “warrior”, he is “shy and calm”, in order to show his most personal side to the fans of his new team.

“Everyone thinks I'm rough, but it's not like that, I'm shy, I'm calm, I like the same things as people,” said the “King” for the FC Barcelona website.

In the same line, he remarked that “I like to be with my children, friends and in my house, not going out much and resting

In addition, he revealed that “had he not been a footballer, he would have been a rider“, underlining his passion for horses and the enormous desires he had to move his family forward.

Finally, he explained the specific function of his haircut: “It's to tell rivals that it will not be easy to face me, some like it, others do not, but it's my brand and I've had it for a lifetime.”

You can review the full interview below:


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