Ronaldinho asked Barcelona to take the number 10 after Messi's retirement

Ronaldinho pidió que Barcelona saque el número 10 tras el retiro de Messi

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The Brazilian star Ronaldinho he again pointed out that the Argentine Lionel Messi is one of the best footballers in history and He also asked that FC Barcelona remove the number '10' once it leaves.

When Messi retires, which I hope is a lot, he can leave the '10' there and nobody can touch him again “, he said in an interview with Sports world.

“He is the best in the history of the club, during all these years he has done what no one has done and he is the best, I hope he goes on like this for 20 more years. For all of us who love football we would like to have many more years at this levell “, added the former player.

“From the history of football it is difficult to say if it is the best, because there are many very different eras. Pelé was Pele in his time, Maradona in his, Zidane in his or Ronaldo Nazario in his, but it is clear, without a doubt, that Messi is one of the greatest in history, “he said..


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