Hairdresser of the Spanish selection praised the haircut of Arturo Vidal

<pre>Hairdresser of the Spanish selection praised the haircut of Arturo Vidal

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Ramiro Fernández Alonso, hairdresser of the Spanish team, extolled the haircut used by the Chilean Arturo vidal, one of the great signings of Barcelona.

“It is difficult to describe exactly the 'look' of the Chilean: skull shaved in three speeds, that is, to the zero of the ears until the middle of the head, then a cut to the one and topped with a crest marked with two marked lines on both sides, “explained the specialist.

In the same line, stressed that the national team is the only one that uses this haircut in the Iberian tournament: “He had several seasons that we did not see a player in the Spanish league wearing a crest, a style called 'Mohawk' or Mohican, which became common in young punk subcultures in the United States at the beginning of the decade of the eighties, “explained the specialist.

In addition, he recalled that Neymar Jr. and Antoine Griezmann also used the “Mohawk” style, but “in all those cases they were ephemeral styles”.

“At the moment we have not yet had any client that came demanding to imitate Vidal's style, but It is not to be ruled out that soon we will begin to see young people wearing their style on the streets“, sentenced the hairdresser.


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