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Neymar celebrated his goal to Nimes simulating a cry along with the banner that he called him a crybaby.

Barcelona has issued a statement to disprove the information that took out the program 'Què T'hi Jugues', of SER Catalunya, in which it assured that André Cury, an employee of the club, had charged 6.6 million euros for the transfer from Neymar to PSG more than one season ago.

This is the full text of the statement:

“The FC Barcelona denies having paid any payment to André Cury as commission for the departure of the player Neymar Jr. Recall that the departure of the Brazilian player was not the result of a transfer, but the payment of a termination clause.” André Cury maintains a relationship Contract with the Club, without exclusivity, through your company, to perform scouting tasks.

In the last times, André Cury has collaborated in the incorporations of players like Paulinho, Yerry Mina, Coutinho and Arthur. FC Barcelona reserves the right to take appropriate legal action against all those who spread false news about the Club, in defense of its image and its legitimate interests. “

According to the information of said program, Cury agreed in 2012 with Sandro Rosell the collection of 3% commission in a future transfer of the player, as it happened. In absolute figures, they are 6.6 million corresponding to that percentage of the 222 million paid by the PSG to the Culé team for taking over Neymar.

Cury, who is still employed by Barcelona, ​​began to demand the payment of that money a year ago, under the contract he had signed with Rosell. Although the current directive has tried to stop as much as possible the disbursement, allegedly had decided to comply with the document signed between the former president of Barcelona and this intermediary, who his personal relationship with the Neymar served as liaison.

The friendship between Cury and the Brazilian's family made him the man chosen to convince them not to sign for the PSG.


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