Arturo Vidal “pissed” with Ernesto Valverde according to the Spanish press

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Arturo vidal he could barely play seven minutes in the triumph of Barcelona against Tottenham, after his coach Ernesto Valverde let him enter the field at 87 'to help contain discounts, something that “pissed off” the Chilean national team, according to the Spanish press.

The term, used by Sport, it was supported in the publication of the figure of the Red one in Instagram, where it shared an image that reflected its annoyance by the situation.

The former Bayern raised an angry emoticon, visible, to his stories of Instagram, without more comment than the image, which speaks for itself. The interpretation, if not half clarification is free. But being after playing only three minutes and the discount, after a victory, invites to think that he did not like at all how little he participated“, wrote Brand.

For the magazine El Balón, the Chilean “exploded against Valverde”, who “maybe is not giving him all the minutes he expected”.

After a first reaction, Vidal shared a second image in social networks, where he highlighted the “excellent triumph “of your team.

The latest Vidal publication: .

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