Catalan medium and the substitution of Arturo Vidal: The Chilean will have to accept his secondary role

<pre>Catalan medium and the substitution of Arturo Vidal: The Chilean will have to accept his secondary role

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One of the great themes these days in Spain is Arturo Vidal and his discontent for not having been able to gain ownership since his arrival at FC Barcelona. Because of this, the Daily Sport explained the soccer reasons they have, and in their opinion, and they will keep the Chilean in banking.

In the first place, the Catalan media ensures that “his disputed minutes go less since years ago“, pointing out that in his arrival in Bayern Munich he played 2,048, while in his last year he reduced that quota to 1,457.

The publication also highlights the role that came to replace Vidal in replacement of Paulinho, although he warns that it is one with “unfounded idea that Barcelona needs a profile like that of the Brazilian

In turn, Sport compares the previous team of the Chilean with the current one, focusing its analysis on Lionel Messi. “Barcelona and Bayern are teams that are characterized by wanting to dominate the opponent by owning the ball in the so-called position game, or location game. The big difference between the two is that Bayern does not have Messi, Arturo Vidal is the best player in the world as he himself said in a statement when he was still in the Bavarian club. ”

Given this circumstance, the note warns that in the Catalan box “the zone of influence of the center of the field is hyperemployed making it very difficult to achieve relationships in such small spaces. As Guardiola said: “Vidal is not good at these spaces“, so it can not develop the usual indoor role”.

“Starting from this premise, to Arturo Vidal is left with those moments in which Barça is capable of, by fixation and attraction supports, get to vacate the area so that second-line players can attack it “, Add.

Consideranto this, the Spanish means that “the Chilean player, with excellent physical conditions, is a player capable of covering a lot of space and, therefore, a wild card to balance possible losses or to get defensive aids more often when Barça suffer from some flank. “

Thus, what is left to the Chilean, according to the Spanish media is to conform. “What seems to be clear is that Vidal's physical conditions do not respond to the technical-tactical demands of the FC Barcelona game in possession phase, so the Chilean will have to accept his secondary role“, he sentenced.


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