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Ex-footballer Oleguer Presas.

The former footballer Oleguer Presas granted an interview to the magazine Panenka in which he speaks openly of his decision not to go to the Spanish National Team for his Catalan ideology. Luis Aragonés summoned him and he declined the call: “I did not feel with this commitment for a national team that does not represent me in any way. On the contrary, it generates rejection and aversion for what it represents, “he said.

The former Barça player details what he said to the coach to explain why he did not accept the call: “Within my argument there is a point of rejection of the national exaltation represented by the selection of Spain, where I can not feel comfortable. The time is not that I say I can not feel comfortable, it's that I'm not interested. I have not followed either the Euro Cups or the World Cups … I have not seen them. It does not make much sense, and that's how we discussed it with the coach. ”

At that time, 2005, before the World Cup in Germany, there was a lot of excitement about his refusal to go with the national team and, even, it was speculated that the Federation would disqualify him“I do not think the Spanish Federation would be interested in disqualifying a Barça player for not wanting to play for the national team, now I do not know what would have happened,” he says.

Oleguer was part of the first team of Barça between 2002 and 2008 and went to Ajax coinciding with the arrival of Pep Guardiola Barca club. The technician for whom he worked the longest is Frank Rijkaard, with whom it was Campéon of Europe in 2006: “For me, it marks a before and after in the history of Barça, and on a personal level, I will not tell you.”


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