Pau Gasol defends Girona-Barça in Miami and Tebas takes out his chest

Pau Gasol

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Pau Gasol poses with a fan before a game of San Antonio Spurs.

The Girona-Barça that, according to Javier Tebas, was going to play in Miami, is still talking. The last to defend it has been Pau Gasol, star of San Antonio Spurs, who in an article in 'Expansion' has analyzed the benefits of the celebration of the meeting.

Gasol sets an example for the NBA, and how it strengthens its brand outside of the US borders. After exposing how great brands revolutionize the interconnectivity between people, he points out that “sport is no exception: the big leagues have been conquering fans beyond their borders for years”.

“In the NBA, despite the fact that a large part of the revenue of the equipment comes from the sale of tickets, more and more franchises realize that 80% or more of their followers have never set foot in their coliseums. This is precisely the challenge that many sports organizations face: how to offer unique experiences adapted to an increasingly pluralistic and dispersed hobby “, analyzes Gasol, who points out” the colorful “ideas they have in the franchises of the US league to put your brand in the collective of the international public.

Gasol admits that the celebration of Barça-Girona “it is a question not without controversy, but that reflects this will to continue exporting the competition beyond the local territory to get closer and closer to the Premier, the football league with the most TV revenues in the world. “However, the Spanish power forward warns that not only is it worth with exporting parties and selling their rights outside Spanish borders.

“It also means an important communication effort to get visibility and move the spirit of competitions beyond their borders. With this intention, many institutions have seen powerful social allies in social networks and new communication devices, “recalls Gasol.

Tebas takes out chest

The text has been widely shared on social networks, and the president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, has been one of them. For Thebes the issue of Girona-Barça is a fundamental battle in the open war that has opened against the RFEF of Luis Rubiales.

For that reason, together with fragments of Gasol's text, he points out that “in a global environment, either we grow or we are left behind”. .

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