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Spalletti, Inter coach.

With the match between Inter and Barcelona on the return of the equine, corresponding to the fourth day of the group stage of the League of Campones, and that will give the opportunity to the Blaugrana table to qualify for the knockout stages of the competition, Luciano Spalletti, coach of the Italian team, has left a surprising statement about the methods of Ernesto Valverde.

It is true that the first thing that Spalletti said was that the game model is unquestionably successful and that translates to the politics of signings: “Ball possession is something impossible to get out of your head. They have been thinking like that for years and buy players for this game mode. A Barça player on another team would be in trouble. Not there”.

Although what caught his attention was when he said he was surprised by the disciplinarian nature of the club, something that directly affects the coach of Extremadura: “At the Camp Nou I saw them go out to warm ten minutes before the match like the one who says. We asked even if they had an internal gym to warm up but not “.

“Pero is that my players told me that the Barça, the afternoon of the game, had gone to pick up their children to schools and then they had taken the car to go to the stadium. If we prepare matches like this, we would lose 18-0. It's a matter of mentality, “he concluded.


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