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Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga.

The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, confirmed on Thursday that they have initiated the legal proceedings so that the match can be played of LaLiga Santander between Girona and FC Barcelona in Miami (United States) and that have “possibilities until the first week of December” that they are right.

“I do not know if it's passed (this game), the RFEF has not answered yes or no“, replied Thebes after the Extraordinary General Assembly of his organization, which was attended by Luis Rubiales, president of the RFEF, who at the entrance to the meeting had said that this desire” is already a subject of the past “because” none of the institutions that have to support it has supported it. ”

“We have already started the corresponding legal procedures to claim where appropriate. I will not decide where we are, although we are already in third parties, because we believe we have the right to play Girona-Barcelona in Miami, “admits Tebas.

He recalled that they did not doubt that they would have to go to court. “We have waited to have all the relevant evidence of what is being manifested, and the regulation of international matches says that we have until January and until the first week of December we have the possibility of being right,” he warned.

On the declarations of the president of the FIFA, Gianni Infantino, with respect to if he would accept to lodge a match of the Premier League in Spain, Tebas pointed out that “it would seem perfect” and that they would even take him “to Alicante, where there are more English people”. “We would support it becauseIt's just a game, it helps football and the city. We would do some joint event to promote both leagues, it's just a game, it seems that we take the whole league, “he added.

Nor does he agree with what has been said in recent days about the law preventing local parties from taking place outside the national territory and has asked to be told “where that appears, in what article.”

“In the MLS that does not happen, there are three Canadian teams playing in the MLS while there is a league in Canada, why does not the League and the Super Cup do? It feels like we want to take 330 games, it seems like a situation even children, “he said, also opining about the possibility that the 2019 Supercopa take out of Spain and even Miami, according to a proposal confirmed by Luis Rubiales.

“I agree, but also LaLiga, it seems very good that our partner for fifteen years in the United States is trying to promote Spanish football through the Supercopa and has made an offer,” he added about the offer of 'Relevant' for take the Supercopa to Miami that the RFEF has rejected.

The leader also remarked that “No club” has told them that they are “opposed” to this match “after Real Madrid”. “The competent body that approved the agreement with 'Relevant', which not only includes the Miami party, was the Delegate Commission, unanimously and formed by seven First and Second clubs, which were chosen by the rest, and the president” he explained.

“I have not read any statements against either, but there may be more against, of course, not all Spanish football is Real Madrid. It was approved in a long debate, “confessed the president of LaLiga, who insisted that his agency and the RFEF remain” distant in project and football “despite the presence in the Assembly of its president.

In this regard, the lawyer acknowledged that he could not speak “much of the future” with his counterpart, who gave his opinion on “several things”, including “the change of format” in the Copa del Rey. “I told him he has not answered us yet because of Miami and that he was going to wait until the last moment to answer us. And, because of the face he has put on, it seems that yes,” he said.


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