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Dani Alves, in a PSG match against Real Madrid in Champions.

Dani Alves has dedicated to Pep Guardiola an original eulogy: “He is the best coach with whom I have worked, better than sex”, said the Brazilian soccer player in an interview with Sky Sports. Both coincided during the four years of Guardiola at the head of the FC Barcelona.

In the talk, Alves explains that he was about to reconnect with the Catalan coach a little over a year ago, when he finally ended up signing for the PSG. “Everything was done so that I would arrive at Manchester City and I did not go for a family decision. I spoke with Pep and I knew that my intention was to work with him again, he knows the enormous appreciation I have for him and his team, and that's why I wanted to work with him again while something else came up, “he explains.

Anyway, Alves says he does not regret having finished at the PSG with his friend Neymar and that, “anyway”, his career “has not yet finished” and does not rule out playing some day in the Premier League: “English football is a type of football that excites me a lot.”

About to work with Mourinho

Alves, 35, has also recalled another transfer that was about to star and ultimately frustrated: “I was about to reach the Chelsea before arriving at Barça. And I did not go for the Seville, not for me, “he recalls.

Ensures that he was “ready” to play on the orders of Jose Mourinho, what would have been a good experience as he believes: “I like to work with people who compete with people who want to win,” he says. “I already assumed he was going to work with him. I did not want to leave or whatever, because since then our relationship has not been so good, but it was not my fault. ”


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