Neymar charges an 'ethical premium' of 375,000 euros per year

Neymar, soccer player of the PSG.

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Neymar, soccer player of the PSG.

The contracts of Neymar have given a lot of talk during the beginning of his career, when he played in the Saints. Then came his controversial transfer to FC Barcelona in 2013 and, four years later, his departure to the PSG, with which he became the most expensive footballer in history: 222 million euros.

In the French club he is the second highest paid footballer in the world, only surpassed by his ex-partner Leo Messi, and in addition to receiving a generous card, it has bonuses of all kinds. The most curious has uncovered it now France 2, who has aired a documentary about the Parisian team.

PSG players receive salary supplements called “Ethical bonds”. That is to say, a series of norms for the good behavior that in almost any other organization would go in the salary of the worker and it is not even necessary to fix in writing. For example, go to applaud the fans at the end of the matches, be punctual, respect the media and the referees.

Variable amount

For all this, Neymar receives about 375,000 euros a year. The amount is not the same for all PSG players, as for example his compatriot Thiago Silva charges 33,000 euros for this same concept, according to the aforementioned documentary.


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