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Goal of Betis

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The Betis players celebrate one of their goals against Barcelona.

Partidazo of Real Betis at Camp Nou. Those of Quique Setién prevailed to the Barça by 3-4 in a meeting in which, after a lethal start of the azulgrana, They dominated the verdiblancos from start to finish.

Junior, Joaquín, Lo Celso and Canales made the goals for Betis. Messi, who reappeared after the injury, won double and Vidal made the second local goal.

A historic match for Real Betis that showed authority on the turf and that he did not lose control of the party at any time Although Barca, who finished with ten for Rakitic's expulsion, shortened distances twice.

Those of Valverde pulled individual talent to make the goals and, although Messi, who came from injury, did not sign his best match, the '10' is the '10' and was participative up to guide his team. He converted the penalty that Tello committed on Jordi Alba and made Camp Nou dream in the final discount with the goal he scored after Vidal's pass, who had made the second for the locals.

Barça went on the right foot at all times, with a Real Betis that, when he managed to break the first line of pressure azulgrana, there was free track to take off. Sergi Roberto was overwhelmed by an impressive Junior who did what he wanted for his band.

His was the first of the verdiblancos goals. He was alone against five rivals the Spanish Under-21 international and, not being able to rely on any teammate, decided to feint and try his luck from face to goal. With the feint broke the waist to Sergi Roberto and the shot beat Ter Stegen. The Betis began to dream.

Only fifteen minutes later the second arrived. Joaquín, the most emblematic player of the group, received Tello to send her to the networks from the front.

With 0-2 they went to the rest satisfied those of Setién before a Barça with many lagoons, especially the backbone.

A penalty from Tello to Jordi ALBA that made Messi shortened the distance for Valverde. However, the goal was not a blow for Betis, who He continued with his idea about the field and kept the party leadership baton, always forward. Thus, only three minutes after the penalty, Lo Celso put the 1-3 on the scoreboard. A cross shot from the area of ​​the Argentine and a mistake by Ter Stegen, which his hands folded.

At halftime Vidal had left to substitute Arthur and he printed a march more to the Barca attack than, with Messi just arrived, and Suárez disappearedI was sleepy. The Chilean was the one who put the 2-3 at the edge of the 80, making again vibrate the Camp Nou, who still believed in the comeback.

But, again, Betis showed authority before the leader and did not break his idea, finding the fourth goal, Canales, only three minutes later. Received Junior, the true protagonist of the game.

Already in the discount, Messi pushed a ball that came from Vidal to make up the verdiblanca goleada and stop the score at 3-4.

A bad game of Barca despite the good start, numbed in defense and with a midfield unable to contain a Betis who went to the Camp Nou to give everything … and he got it.

Minute by minute loading

18:08 END OF THE MATCH: Barcelona 3 – 4 Betis.

6:06 PM The VAR concedes the goal to Barça: minute 94, BARCELONA 3 – 4 BETIS.

06.05pm ANNOUNCED GOAL to Messi for offside by Vidal. The VAR is reviewing it.

06.01pm PIQUÉ OUT! Head of the azulgrana central that goes out.

5.56pm Spectacular Junior game. Played by the end band that puts it to Canales that pushes from the front.

5.55pm BETIS GOOOOOOOOOOOOL, CHANNELS GOLF !! Historic Betis at Camp Nou, minute 83, Barça – 2-4 Betis

5:53 PM The VAR reviewed it for Munir's possible offside. But the goal goes up to the score.

5:52 PM GOOOOL OF BARÇA !! VIDAL GOAL !! When the Betis was better, Munir is served to the Chilean to shorten distances. BARÇA 2 – 3 BETIS.

5.51pm Betis is making a perfect match, canceling Barça. Now the control of the ball is totally verdiblanco.

17.44 THE THIRD PARTY OF THE BETIS !! GOAL OF CELSO! Cross shot of the Argentine and Ter Stegen his hands are folded. Barça goalkeeper failure. Minute 71. BAR 1 – 3 BET

5.42pm Get out Aleñá! The azulgrana have reacted after the goal and look for the tie.

5.40pm GOOOOOOL DE MESSI, short distances Barca. Minute 68, Barça 1 – 2 Betis.

5.40pm Penalty in favor of Barça: Tello knocks down Jordi Alba right at the edge of the area. Leo Messi pulls it.

17.37 ANOTHER BETIS !! Tello puts it to Loren in death pass, although it slightly veers Ter Stegen and does not read the front.

17.34 h Joaquín leaves, amid the applause of the Camp Nou, and Canales enters.

17.33 Out Celso! Junior is doing what he wants for his band. He put it behind the Argentine, who sent it too high.

5:32 PM Yellow to Busquets for protesting a decision by Mateu.

5:28 PM ALMOST THE BARÇA! Pau López failed to leave and the ball was dead with the door empty, had to clear the Betic defense.

5:28 PM Soft shot of Lo Celso stopping Ter Stegen without problems. The party has a frenetic pace.

5:24 PM Get out Busquets! Top shot from the '5' azulgrana after a corner. Occasions in different areas.

5:22 PM Ter Stegen stops Tello's shot. The Betis has not left conservative, follows all the Barca area. From the center of the field on, Barça grants too many spaces.

5:22 PM Mini corner for Barça. Missing in the band near the corner that Messi throws but nobody manages to finish.

5:18 PM First ball that Vidal plays, first time. Pau López stopped the shot of the Chilean. It has come to bite Barca in the second half.

17.17 h Change in the Barça to the rest. Arthur leaves and Arturo Vidal leaves.

17.01 h End of the first part. Surprise Betis at the Camp Nou and dominate the game. Barça 0 – Betis 2.

16.58 Up Suarez! Sergi Roberto pass that the Uruguayan launches high.

16.55 Out Loren! To the right of Ter Stegen, too crossed. Another arrival of Betis.

4:49 PM JOAQUIN'S GOOOAAAL Put Junior in the center, rejected the defense, Tello picks up and serves it to Joaquin, who receives in the front and beat Ter Stegen. Minute 34. BAR 0 – 2 BET

4:46 PM DOUBLE OCCASION FOR THE BETIS !! The Sevillians are still trying, Ter Stegen diverted the first and the second sent Loren out. He is forgiving Betis and that at the Camp Nou can be very expensive.

4:43 PM Messi at the hands of Pau López. Claimed hand in the barrier the Argentine, but Mateu Lahoz says there is nothing.

4.41pm WHAT PAU LÓPEZ PARADON !! Lenglet completes the missed shot by Messi and the goalkeeper takes it with a big stretched.

16.40 h Yellow light for Guardado to stop Messi when he was going to the goal of Pau López.

16.38 What a chance for Betis! Those of Setién have come up after the goal. Neither Junior nor Lo Celso have found a door on a double occasion that ends up in the hands of Ter Stegen.

16.35 WHAT A JUNIOR GOLAZO !! It was only the end, only before 5 of the Bará, and, having no partner, made the feint to Sergi Roberto, who breaks completely, and GOL of the international sub21 Spanish. Minute 20
BAR 0 – 1 BET

16.31 h Good against Barça! After a foul kick by Joaquín, Valverde started the march. Could not find Malcom door because JUnior sent to corner.

4.30 p.m. Take out the ball played Betis, who try to build from their area. Barça high pressure, which almost always recovers without many problems.

16.28 h He tried to find the hole with several cuts in the area although he did not find the shot.

16.26 h The trepidante initial rhythm of the encounter has calmed down slightly. Barça, calmer in attack and the game in general more balanced. Good pressure from both teams waiting for the opportunity.

16.22 h Replica of Betis! On the contrary, Setien's men stood before Ter Stegen. The boss was Joaquín. Betis, besieged at the beginning, is starting to have its options.

16.21 h U AND MALCOM! Distant shot of the Barça player leaving high

4.20pm Joaquín at the near post to Loren, directly at the goal kick. 5 match min.

4.20pm Corner for Betis, big snatch of Lo Celso that reaches the bottom line, where Piqué cuts

16.18 h For the moment, Betis has not left his area. Three Barça arrivals in three minutes.

16.18 h Jordi Alba cuts a ball that tried to direct the Betis towards the Barca area, in a few seconds he stands on the end line and serves it to Busquets, who throws it high. The azulgrana asked for a hand.

16.17 h It's been a short time for Barça to have the first one !! Great long pass from Suarez to Malcom, who receives on the left and puts it to Messi to the front, but fails to finish the Argentinian

16.16 h Start the game !! BAR 0 – 0 BET

4:15 p.m. The teams already form on the playing field. About to start the game!


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