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Ousmane Dembélé, in the Valladolid-Barcelona League.

Ousmane Dembélé has been a protagonist in the last weeks in the daily life of FC Barcelona, ​​although not for good reasons. His habits outside the field and his tendency to be late are placing him in the spotlight and Ernesto Valverde has had to respond in several press conferences on the matter.

His situation has transcended until the concentration of the French team, where Didier Deschamps has been asked: “I know your excuses when you are late“said the technician.

“I'm sure he would say he's not the only one to defend himself for being late,” Deschamps added. The coach did not want to meddle in matters that he considers proper for Barça, although he did extend himself when analyzing that lack of responsibility of the player: “He must be a little more attentive to the things that are part of the everyday life of a high level footballer. He is a young player who has already known many things. I do not lose hope that you will realize all these aspects

On Sunday afternoon, Barça faced Betis at Camp Nou and Dembélé, not summoned as punishment by Ernesto Valverde, precisely for this matter, he arrived at the stadium just two minutes before the match began.


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