Barcelona prevails at Villarreal with an unleashed Dembélé

Gerard Piqué

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Gerard Piqué celebrates his goal against Villarreal.

Barcelona won a tough Villarreal 2-0, after a match marked by control of the ball by the Catalans and especially by a great game of Ousmane Dembélé. The Frenchman gave the pass of the first goal (again his connection with Gerard Piqué was key), and dominated by his band as he wanted at a time when criticism about him was increasing.

The greater contribution of Dembélé, the most valiant of the team (touching the unconsciousness, like making six cuts to the bottom of the field for nothing) in the first part, was a center to the area that enabled Piqué to score the first goal of the match after half an hour. The central culé, who is uncovering himself as a true scorer this year, repeated connection with the French and returned to take advantage as before the PSV.

It was the colophon of a first 45 minutes marked by the dominance of the Blaugrana ball, but that did not translate too many times. In fact, with the exception of Piqué's goal, the best occasion was Gerard Moreno for Villarreal, when he sent a ball to the post. The hardness of the central 'groguet' they passed bill, and so much I sawctor Ruiz as Álvaro González already had yellow before half an hour of game, what marked the future of the match. As well Lenglet, to go with the staff at chest level no sense about ChukwezeHe was reprimanded before the break.

The script remained in the second half, although the tension slightly increased. Especially between Gerard Moreno and Gerard Piqué, which were faced twice and had to be separated, first by the referee and then by Jordi Alba. The side gave a good scare, when he was lying on the ground after being hit on the neck.

As well Cameras He was tough with Busquets, and although they asked Munuera Montero, the blood did not reach the river. However, and despite the entry of Bacca by Trigueros in a clear bet by the speed and the last actions in the final meters, it was the Blaugrana set that culminated the victory with three minutes left.

Messi, who was always but did not become so decisive in the face of goal, saw how Aleñà was going alone and with a measured pass enabled him before Asenjo. The Blaugrana canterano played over the goalkeeper to put the 2-0, which is an unforgettable goal for him: his first goal in the First Division.

The match did not end there, but had tension for a Hooking between Fornals and Busquets. The midfielder of Barcelona got rid of a card (yellow, at least) after giving him a kick in the back of the Villarreal, who before had already shown his hardness. The worst was the smack that Busquets gave to Fornals, which ended with blood in his mouth.

– Data sheet:

2 – Barcelona: Ter Stegen; Semedo, Piqué, Lenglet, Alba; Busquets, Rakitic, Arturo Vidal (Aleñá, min 71); Dembélé, Messi and Coutinho (Malcom, min.80).

0 – Villarreal: Asenjo, Mario, Álvaro, Víctor Ruiz, Pedraza; Catchers, Trigueros (Bacca, min 67); Cazorla (Raba, min.87), Fornals, Chukweueze and Gerard Moreno (Toko Ekambi, min.79).

Goals: 1-0, min. 36: Piqué. 2-0, min. 87: Aleñá.

Referee: Munuera Montero (Andalusian Committee). He showed yellow cards to Víctor Ruiz (min 11), Lenglet (min 18), Álvaro (min 26), Alba (min 70), Fornals (min 90) and Pedraza (min 91).

Incidents: 73,003 spectators in match of the fourteenth day of LaLiga Santander played in the Camp Nou. The Barça players came out on the field with a shirt and the legend “Muita força Rafinha” (Great strength Rafinha). Match 400 of Ernesto Valverde as First Division coach.

Minute by minute loading

20.21 h FINAL! Barcelona wins 2-0 and returns to the lead, waiting for what happens in the Alavés-Sevilla.

20.17 h Try Messi from afar, but Asenjo takes it out in two stages.

20.16 h Before the referee's inaction, Fornals faces Busquets and he shakes his hand, slyly.

8:15 p.m. Busquets' ugly action on Fornals, who kicks him in the back and then smacks him in the face. The midfielder 'groguet' has blood in his mouth.

20.12 h GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAON OF ALEÑÀ !! The Blaugrana canterano received a great pass from Messi, and elevated it to Asenjo to put the 2-0 on the scoreboard.

20.05 Coutinho leaves and the almost unknown Malcom enters.

20.05 Ekambi enters for Gerard Moreno, who leaves the field making gestures and between whistles of Camp Nou.

20.04 h Piqué and Moreno face each other again. They have to separate Jordi Alba.

7.56pm Arturo Vidal retires and Carles Aleñà enters.

7.54pm Cazorla shoots the deflected offense slightly above the crossbar.

7.52pm Enter Bacca for Trigueros. Calleja does not give up, far from it.

7.48pm Jordi Alba is on the ground after colliding in an action with Gerard Moreno.

7.46pm De Burgos Bengoechea pardons the yellow to Cáseres after a tough foul on Busquets.

7.44pm Dembélé's great career for his band, whose center did not reach anyone.

7.37pm Hook between Gerard Moreno and Piqué, after the central blaugrana gave him a slap.

19.33 h Arturo Vidal hard shot that sends Asenjo to corner. Barcelona started with a rush to get away on the scoreboard.

7.31pm Start the second half, without changes.

7.16pm BREAK. It was worth Piqué's goal in an even first half. Barcelona 1-0 Villarreal.

19.09 h Asenjo takes a measured shot from Messi, at the center of Arthur.

7:46 p.m.

GOOOAAAL – PIQUÉ !! Cabezo in the second wood of the central blaugrana. Great center of Dembélé.

Barcelona 1-0 Villarreal

19.05 h Great occasion of Dembélé, which Cáseres takes out as he can.

6:57 PM Álvaro González also sees yellow for a tough foul on Messi. The two central Villarreal and are reprimanded and has spent less than half an hour.

18.48 Where was Lenglet? Yellow to go with the iron in front to get the ball to Chukweze. Very risky the French, although he did not touch the ball.

6:47 PM Try to surprise Rakitic from afar, and go away.

6:44 pm To the stick! Gerard Moreno shoots, after hooking with Lenglet and Piqué, and goes to the wood on the first occasion of Villarreal.

6:41 PM Yellow to Víctor Ruiz for an entry on Messi. Dangerous foul in the front of the area defended by Asenjo.

18.38 Spectacular Dembélé! Go way to haggle on the bottom line of the field. They were not worth much, but the six cuts raised the applause of the Camp Nou.

18.31 h Start the game at the Camp Nou.

18.28 The Barcelona players come out with a shirt to support Rafinha, who will go through surgery and will not play again this season. “Muita força Rafinha”, prays.

18.04 h Good afternoon, and welcome to the live match between Barcelona and Villarreal.


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