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Jesús Gil, Lorenzo Sanz and Juan Onieva in the year 2000, at that time presidents of Atlético and Real Madrid, and white vice president, respectively.

With the death of Josep Lluís Núñez this Monday, at 87 years, also disappears one of the last exponents of the most presidential period of Spanish football. An era of political impropriety, at times savage, in which the presidents gave free rein to their drives both in the boxes and in the media.

Three decades have passed since those darts exchanged by Núñez himself and his successor, Joan Gaspart, with Jesús Gil, Ramón Mendoza, Lorenzo Sanz, Paco Roig, José María Caneda, Manuel Ruiz de Lopera… But it seems that a century has passed if we compare the current times of silence and messages measured to the millimeter with the explosion of those leaders-fans.

Núñez was born in Barakaldo (Vizcaya), which is why another of the football icons of that time, the journalist José María García, baptized him as 'the mini lehendakari' whenever he wished to emphasize his authoritarian character. Gil, on the other hand, placed him in the heart of Barcelona when he referred to him as “the dwarf of Las Ramblas”.

“A small miserable”

“It seems low and of stature and low morale,” he said. Lorenzo Sanz when Núñez hinted that the white president had plugged his son Fernando into the first team. “It seems that any respectful opinion about a certain club the answer is insult,” said Núñez. Jesús Gil had for both: “Sanz and Núñez are my subjects,” he once said.

Núñez also had them stiff with the predecessor of Sanz in Chamartín, Ramón Mendoza. “I do not think that, with the lumbago that has, is to jump,” he joked about the celebration of the white president to the cry of “It is Polish who does not bounce” after a Super Cup. “It makes me depressed to think how such a man can manage an entity of the caliber of Real Madrid,” said Núñez on another occasion, and Mendoza recovered the theme of height: “He is a small miserable.”


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