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Jordi Alba, against Espanyol with the Barça shirt.

The fifth place in which Leo Messi has been in the Golden Ball 2018 has been the subject of great debate in recent days. Defended by those who have considered that the Argentine has been far from his best level on the key days of the year, and criticized by those who consider him the best player of the moment, Jordi Alba has been clear about where to line up.

The Blaugrana side has a clear stance, to the point of criticizing the award given by the prestigious French magazine France Football: “The Golden Ball is a lie. Leo is the best in the world always. It takes 12 or 14 years to be the best by far. There are many campaigns with players that are clearly very good and they deserve it. But in the end this is a prize for the best, not the titles. The titles are won by the teams. ”

In any case, it was a very comfortable day to defend Leo Messi, because his performance in the Catalan derby against Espanyol was simply an exhibition. With two precious goals of lack and a constant influence In the offensive actions of his team, the Argentine massacred Rubi's team and won the praise, one more day, of the entire football world.


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