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New episode in the 'soap opera' Rabiot. FC Barcelona has issued a statement in which admits the club's interest in the PSG player, which ends contract on June 30th.

However, the Blaugrana entity denies having been unfair with their negotiations, something that has been accused by the Parisian club for negotiating with Rabiot behind his back.

“The only contacts were made in the month of August and now a week ago, in both cases, the contacts were made with PSG sports officials to show the interest of FC Barcelona in the player Adrien Rabiot. FC Barcelona has always wanted to work from the maximum transparency with PSG and with any other club “, explains Barça in his statement.

Also, he denies having any agreement with the player as published in the middle of December the newspaper 'Le Parisien'.

His refusal to renew has led him to be separated from the team as punishment for what the PSG considers a disrespect and he has not played since December 11.

The arrival of Rabiot to Barça seems closer once the club itself has recognized the interest.


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