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Messi celebrates his goal, first of the team, against Getafe.

Barcelona has imposed on Getafe (1-2), and manages to put land in the way with their persecutors, after the tie between Sevilla and Atlético de Madrid and the defeat of Real Madrid.

Getafe, as usual, He made the game very uncomfortable for his rival. In fact, the Bordalás team managed to get ahead in the 12th minute thanks to a goal from Jaime Mata that was canceled by the referee, which generated a lot of controversy since it was not seen if the push Angel pointed out about Lenglet was what intense enough to take down the Frenchman.

Barça suffered, but there Leo Messi appeared to change things. The Argentine genius, in the minute 20 of meeting, took advantage of an indecision of the local back to put the foot, and after picking up his own rebound, pushed the ball to the net to put the 0-1.

The goal left the Blue team very touched, who left his worst minutes in the match thereafter. Barça took control of the game, and in the 26th minute could put the 0-2, after a great play by Messi, who found Piqué in the area, who missed the shot incomprehensibly from inside the small area.

The one who did not forgive was Luis Suárez, whothat in the 39th minute he caught a tremendous volley from the front of the area to surprise Soria, who could do nothing to avoid the 0-2.

The goal could well have buried Getafe, but the Madrid team reacted, putting the 1-2 before halftime through Jaime Mate, and kept trying in the second half, where he had some good chance to match the match, especially in a play by Jaime Mata, who after dribbling Ter Stegen, He incomprehensibly threw the ball up.


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