The Good Burger, the restaurant of fast food for lovers of good hamburgers with an urban style, he presents his fans with new local and a new service for collecting food in cars. The TGB located on Calle Eduardo Aunós, 15 in Sant Joan d'Alacant, has the first TGB Drive of the province.

A new place with an urban style.

Clients can make their orders at the moment, seeing the offers in their panels and through an interphone, asking what they like most about their wide letter. Later they make the payment and in the last window they collect their order. All this in a few minutes and take the hot food home.

The schedule of the new venue and its TGB Driver service is from twelve in the morning to twelve at night uninterrupted, although for summer it is possible that they extend the schedule to offer more to their clients.

You can also make the order within the premises, since they have placed kiosks for customers to order through them and pick up the order in the bar. But, also this month of May they will launch the TGB app with which to enjoy advantages and surprises.

New offers

The Good Burger, from Monday to Sunday have special offers of menus: burger menu (burger or egg + drink + potatoes or onion rings) for 6.90 euros, special burger menu for 1 euro more (7.90 euros), and also the Egg menu (egg + drink) for 3.50 euros As well as the promotion that made them even more known 2×1 on Thursdays and Sundays in all your burgers. And in addition, sizes have increased and they have burgers XL.

TGB has special menu offers.

Without forgetting their salads, entrees (potatoes, nachos, chicken wings, onion rings, epic chicken …) their new bowls and their super shakes. Do not miss anything and enjoy the new TGB Drive.

Locate it

Address: Calle Eduardo Aunós, 15 in Sant Joan d'Alacant.

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