5 infallible tips to keep your house clean if you have pets


There is increasing sensitivity towards pets and the number of pets increases every year in Spain. At 40% of Spanish homes lives at least A domestic animal, which means a total of 20 million pets, of which 7.3 million are dogs and cats, according to a recent report from the AMVAC sector, although the owners of rodents and birds are also increasing.

Numerous studies confirm that live with a pet, among many other psychological, physiological and social benefits, increases confidence, reduces stress and strengthens respect and security.

In addition, it is well known that many people opt for the company of cats, rodents, or birds, because by schedule, they have no facility to acquire a constant routine of outings for dogs. In the same way, you have the pet that you have at home, you have to have a healthy coexistence between her and the owners.

The importance of having a clean home

Having a pet at home, implies that the home clean It is an important issue. On some occasions, it seems that the cleanliness and order of the home is an annoying obligation, but, even so, it must be done, because it is essential to maintain a clean environment where pets and people enjoy the well-being of coexistence, and even more so if there are small children in the house.

Next we offer some tips that, although they may be very obvious, sometimes we forget that they are more necessary than we think. With them, family life together with pets will be much better and pleasurable for all the tenants of the house.

5 Tips to enjoy a clean house without odor or pet hairs

1. To clean pets: Each animal has different needs and, in case of any doubt, it is best to consult with the veterinarian. We know that cats are cleaner and do not need frequent bathing, however, dogs should wash more assiduously; In addition, it is important brush them periodically.

2. Clean dust and lint: It is best to start from the upper parts down, because cleaning the dust will fall to the ground and then you just have to vacuum it. Then we can continue with interiors of cupboards and the elements of the shelves. Remember to go furniture by furniture, with tranquility and without skipping anything. Once we have finished cleaning the dust, it is time to vacuum. The experts advise the aspiration, because when we sweep we return to dust particles and with the vacuum they are collected from the first moment, thus preventing them from passing to other areas of the house.

3. Maintain a pleasant smell: Sometimes, homes with pets smell different and it is recognized that an animal lives there. The smells are permeating the rooms and we forget that it is an important issue that needs to be taken care of. To avoid it, the first thing will be ventilate the house, we are in summer or winter: a few minutes each day will help to renew the air. Also, remember the first advice: it is recommended bathe the pet frequently. As an addition to the above, you can also use a miraculous product in cleaning: bicarbonate, which absorbs odors. If you use vinegar or bicarbonate together with a few drops of lemon, you will have an effective and lasting natural perfume for the whole home.

4. Aspirate with a quality device: before we commented that it was preferable to aspire to sweep, and, for this, it is important to have a suitable device and intended for homes with pets. There are brands that manufacture vacuum cleaners for these cases, since they vacuum, wash and dry in a single step, which saves a lot of time and effort.

5. Take care of the order: to have a clean house with pets is not enough to clean, it is also important to have the house tidy. The more order you have, the less you have to clean and the less dirt will be deposited. Further, an orderly house transmits peace and harmony. “We intend that cleaning a home with pets ceases to be a problem and that this space emanates calm and peace,” they comment.

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Finally, if you liked this article, share it on social networks so we can reach more people who find these topics interesting.
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