Although in the last year the trends have shown that the long nails are the preferred ones of the famous ones (like the Kardashians, for example) street style of the season shows that this 2019 will return to take the short nails with the classic almond shape. This is what the specialists in the sector say that, in addition, they anticipate the fashion that will be seen more than ever in the spring of this year with four trends that you must know to be up to date this spring.

Matte or velvety texture

From Blanca Suárez to Blake Lively, the celebrities have joined the trend of matt nails or with velvet finish. This style of manicure is one of the most elegant and you can get in hundreds of shades, so you can choose the one that feels best to your skin tone.

To not limit yourself when choosing your favorite color, the experts of the Menorcan hotel recommend purchasing the transparent top coats with matt finish, so you can use your favorite glaze always but with a very trendy touch.

With matt finish.

Minimalist design

This spring you will not only see minimalist prints on blouses and dresses, but you will also wear them on your nails. Vertical stripes in the middle of the nail, a single dot on a uniform color, Transverse lines at different heights, all these manicures will be trend from this moment. In color theme, the Menorca's Menorca recommend choosing light tones like beige, pink, or white.

Minimalist prints

Marble effect

For the most daring, the nails with marble effect will be the stars of the season, because although they are striking and original, they fit perfectly with all the looks, from the most delicate to the most rock.

If you want to try this trend at home, you just have to choose two shades of the same color, apply the enamel as you do it regularly and then use a piece of plastic wrap or a sponge of irregular texture to apply the other color on the nails with gentle touches. The effect achieved will delight you!

The star manicure of the season.

Al natural (or almost)

If you prefer a manicure that is not too groundbreaking and highly polished, this season there is an ideal trend for you, nails “natural”. The secret to wearing this style is to choose a enamel in gel of a color similar to the natural tone of your skin.

The first thing you should do is prepare your nails very well and give them the shape you like best with a file, hydrate your hands well beforehand and remove the cuticle to give them a most careful aspect, then apply a thick layer of the gel and let dry, the idea is that the enamel does not completely cover your nails but gives them a soft finish and very feminine.

Nails «natural».

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