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Dani Alves, at the gala 'The Best' with his partner

Dani Alves He has never been much loved by Real Madrid, especially since he signed for Barcelona showed a huge passion Barça and totally contrary to the white club. As he has related himself, his aversion to the merengue club did not begin with his arrival at the Camp Nou, but much earlier.

The Brazilian PSG remembers in an interview to 'ESPN' how was his departure from Sevilla in 2008, carried in person by the then president of Nervión, José María del Nido. “I was 95% signed for Madrid, but Del Nido is very quarrelsome, “he recalls.” Chelsea was also there and started playing with me. He negotiated with one and the other told him that he paid more. The moment arrived and in the end I did not leave Seville. I almost went to Madrid, but fate said no, that my story was with Barcelona, as I had dreamed as a child, “he says.

To make clear his Barça passion, it is clear: “Dreams have to be fulfilled, not nightmares. I appreciate not having gone to Madrid and yes to Barça, of course. “Alves signed for the club culé because he was Pep Guardiola, with whom in the end he managed to be part of the 'sextete' team.

The situation reached such a point that it was almost ready to be planted. “When I found out they wanted me, I told them not to talk to anyone else, it was clear to me that my story in Sevilla was already made and I said that either he signed for Barça or he did not play more for Sevilla. They had already played two or three years with my future. With the present, yes, but with the future, no. Barca was in full transition, Guardiola came and said he loved me. And I knew I was going to go, yes or yes, “he recalls.

His relationship with Guardiola was always very special, for the good and the bad. “I can not complain about how it went with Guardiola, we just had a scuffle and he managed. the virtue of Guardiola is that he decides with his hand in his heart, but he decides, and that's what I like, even if it's hurting you. Always think about the good of the place where you have grown up and where you have made history as a player or coach and do not want to hurt. If you extract so much, what you can do is make mistakes, and he does not like that, since he is a perfectionist. And sometimes he moves away so as not to make mistakes. In the last year we no longer felt Pep like that, since he is a p … genius“says, clearly, the footballer of Paris Saint-Germain.

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