The hamburger-maker that everybody talks about this summer in San Vicente del Rapeig


Lately the area of Haygon and specifically Cottolengo street is becoming a very active street to have a great diversity of entertainment and hospitality venues They are gaining more and more fame and reputation in San Vicente del Raspeig and Alicante and, of course, Oklahoma Burguers & Coffee is one of them.

It's not the typical hamburger shop where you'll only find frozen hamburgers, industrial bread and potato chips. It is characterized by elaborating everything with fresh products and homemade.

They use natural ingredients and they make everything by hand. Starting with the totally natural meat and its artisan breads of the day, until its delicious natural potatoes, which cut daily and they do not freeze them.

Note the variety of meats for hamburgers because although most are beef, they also offer hamburgers fish, chicken and even vegan.

Also, being a cafeteria, the schedule is practically continuous, therefore they offer breakfasts very complete, sandwiches very varied and some lunches grilled exquisitely tasty.

Oklahoma Burguers & Coffee is an ambitious project directed by young and enterprising people with talent and desire to satisfy their clients.

“So, for everything mentioned above, for your large outdoor terrace and for its ease in finding parking, we are sure that it will be one of the stars of this summer in San Vicente del Raspeig “, they point out from this establishment.

Oklahoma Burguers & Coffee

C / Cottolengo nº16, local 6, San Vicente del Raspeig

Tlf: 865 78 03 10

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