Alberto Pacheco, your personal trainer in Alicante

Alberto Pacheco, tu entrenador personal en Alicante

Alberto Pacheco is a specialist in Physical changes and personal habits. One of the main tasks is to help you change your life through Healthy habits.

For this, he carries out trainings that improve all your physical abilities and also analyzes the weight control, antopometry, measurements of folds and circumferences.

It will also help you improve your eating habits with qualified professionals. Its direct consequence: have a good health and achieve success in your goals.

Specialties of the personal trainer Alberto Pacheco

  • Weightloss.

  • Fitness

  • Increase in muscle mass and decrease in fat%.

  • Functional training and high performance.

  • Metabolic and dynamic training.

  • Toning

  • Training in suspension.

  • Swimming and athletics.

  • Physical preparation in high performance sports. Specialty in tennis and soccer.

Alberto Pacheco plays his training in the Arena Alicante sports center located in Playa de San Juan, improving the quality of life of people, improving their physical shape and getting your goals through training and a correct and healthy nutrition.

It has a wide client profile that includes everything from people of the Third Age until the most young boys, going by High performance sportsmen as footballers, tennis players, etc., it is also specialist in pandloss of weight and improvement of body composition, achieving great results with its customers.

Without any doubt Alberto Pacheco in Alicante is the best option for change your lifestyle and get your goals, so many if you arrive in Alicante this summer for vacations and look for something more than leisure, as if you already live in the city.

More information about Alberto Pacheco

Club Deportivo Arena Alicante (Av. Locutor Vicente Hipólito, s / n, 03540 Alicante)



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