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The Escape Room or escape games have become very popular, in the province of Alicante every time there is a greater number of rooms offering games of all kinds. Many groups already use them to celebrate in a different and original way birthdays, corporate events or even bachelor parties /to.

There is a great diversity of themes for all tastes, since the rooms are set in a concrete way to transport the participant to a situation where solve an objective as well as escape, which is the main goal.

There are hundreds of escapism games in Alicante and each one consists of a different mission entering into an exciting and intriguing story with evidence and challenges related to the type of game and atmosphere.

The Escape Room encourages teamwork since the members of the whole group have a specific role and should help each other and collaborate if they want to escape from the room.

In the province of Alicante you can find rooms with themes of mystery, news and research like the Enigmapark located in Elche. Different games in Locus Fugae located in Alicante, where the protagonist is the participant.

On the other hand, The Code offers two games in story mode. But the escapist can also become a murderer investigator in SKPManía. But we must also highlight a fixed escape hall which is inside the top 3 of Alicante on TripAdvisor, Secret Hunter, which covers up to 28 people playing at the same time, is also in portable format for performed with up to 100 people, so it is an ideal option for large groups.

In the leisure center Enigmapark currently have 5 different escape games and in all of them they dedicate a careful atmosphere, designed for the total immersion of their escapists. Discover what are your themes.

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Secret Hunter Escape Room Alicante was the third escape room to open in the province and today they are inside the top 3 of Alicante in Tripadvisor. Were the first to open a escape hall fixed in the city, capable of covering up to 28 people playing at the same time. This month they will open their new room, KM 18

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In Locus Fugae Room Escape Alicante you can enter into a fifth dimension, stories in a different spacetime, where you are the protagonist and you can enjoy an incredible and unforgettable experience. Now It's your turn to be the protagonist of the movie. Use logic, ingenuity and the ability to overcome the challenges we propose.

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The Code is the first escape room in Alicante with mode history and also has the first game of escape for children in Alicante with possibility of snack (The Code KIDS). Discover all its themes, both for children and adults.

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Inspector Cooper has appeared dead in strange circumstances while investigating the murder of mogul Simon Bennett. In an hour the main suspect will be frying in the electric chair, but not everything is what it seems … A room full of enigmas and 60 minutes of game to discover its secrets and escape in time. Will you be able to solve the case?

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Tourists, families, bachelor and bachelor parties, Room Escape fans and companies choose Lockdown Escape Room Benidorm as a way to original and original entertainment in which they enter other worlds and must use their communication skills, teamwork, logic Y skill to overcome the mysteries and tests.

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