Winecanting Puerto 2019: the great wine festival in Alicante


Last Monday night, about 3,000 people gathered at the Port of Alicante to celebrate the current situation of the wines of the Denomination of Origin Alicante, in the event named as «Winecanting Port».

A total of 23 wineries they presented their products to society, with the advantage that they are directly the processors who make their products known to the public. Small wineries, family, small towns in the interior of Alicante in regions such as El Alto and Madio Vinalopó, El Comtat and Marina Alta. A splendid tour of the new vintages and new presentations that were reserved exclusively for this event, such as magnums or labeled formats.

The atmosphere of this edition of «Winecanting Puerto» was festive and lively with the presence of live music and Dj, feeding of proximity with a traditional village oven like El Fornet de Monóvar, craftsmanship of Salazones Serrano or Embutidos Rico and the direct production of the cattle rancher in La Vaquería del Camp de Elx.

For the inauguration of the event, the president of the Regulatory Council, Antonio M. Navarro, counted on the participation of the general director of Commercialization and Rural Development, Maite Chafer; the Deputy of Development, Sebastián Cañada; the rector of the Miguel Hernández University, Juanjo Ruiz Martínez; the president of the Association of Employers of the Province, Juanjo Sellés; the president of the Association of Sommeliers of the Province of Alicante, Pepe Guerrero; the vice president of the Alicante Wine Route, Lázaro Azorín (Mayor of Pinoso); the mayor of Algueña, María del Carmen Jover; the president of the Valencian Gastronomy Academy, Manuel Jose Rodríguez Murcia; the president of the Association of the Press of Alicante, Rosalía Mayor; the secretary of ASAJA Alicante, Ramón Espinosa; Antonio Crespo, representing the Ministry of Tourism and the CdT's network of the Valencian Community, among other institutions and friends.

“Alicante PDO wines have been around for a few years one of the most active areas in Spain and best rated having recognized the personality of varieties such as Monastrell and Muscat, and some singular elaborations like ecological wine, sweets, licorice muscat or the Fondillón. They have also obtained high scores in national guides or abroad as the Parkers and prizes in competitions around the world. The area has a small production made in microbodegas and in a very traditional way “.

Wineries represented in Winecanting Port


Alejandro Wineries

Bodegas Enrique Mendoza

Monovar Wineries

Bodegas Pinoso

The Dry

Finca Collado

Francisco Gómez

Gandia Plá

Heretat of Cesilia

The Virtues of Villena


Primitive Quiles

Santa Catalina del Mañán

San Vicente Ferrer de Teulada

Sierra de Cabreras

Sierra Norte

Sierra Salinas


Wines of Algueña

Vins del Comtat




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