III Muchamiel Tomato Fair 2019: tastings, workshops and activities


For the third consecutive year, the Department of Agriculture of Mutxamel organizes the Muchamiel Tomato Fair, a unique opportunity to enjoy this emblematic product of the municipality and which has been one of the fundamental pillars of the socioeconomic development of the locality.

For several years, the City Council, in collaboration with various entities, both educational and agrarian, has promoted a series of actions aimed at recover the cultivation of this autochthonous variety, included within the Valencian catalog of traditional varieties of agricultural interest.

As a result of this joint work, which has been joined by producers and marketers of Muchamiel tomato in the municipality, the process of obtaining the CV Mark of Tomato Muchamiel, and the Association of Producers and Marketers of Tomato Muchamiel has been set up.

All these advances will be made known to society in general and to the mutxameleros in particular with the celebration of next June 8 and 9 of the III Muchamiel Tomato Fair, which will be held in the Municipal Park El Canyar de Les Portelles (Mutxamel). An event of fun and festive nature in which visitors can tour the different exhibitors of local producers and traders, with their artisanal and ecological products, taste some traditional elaborations of the municipality, from the hand of the Mutxameleras Women Association or buy Muchamiel tomato seedlings.

Informative talks

Also, they can participate in some informative talks about the characteristics of tomato by the hand of Santiago García, researcher at the Polytechnic School of Orihuela; the nutritional benefits of tomato, with Ana Belén Ropero, professor at the UMH; a historical tour on the influence of the Tomato industry in the province, by Verónica Quiles and David Beltrá, from the Commercial Museum; the project Camins de l'Aigua, made by the Department of Culture, with Ester Gisbert and Alfonso M. Cuadrado; the experience of Daniel Morante, as ecological local producer from Mutxamel; and, finally, about tomato quality indicators offered by Mercalicante.

A unique exhibition

As a novelty, the Commercial Museum of Alicante and province will carry out the exhibition «Tomatoes Made in Alicante for half Europe». Its curators, David Beltrá Torregrosa and Verónica Quiles López, will present a Labeling selection of tomatoes made in Alicante of Mutxamel and neighboring populations, Sant Joan, Alicante, Novelda, Monforte del Cid, Elche and Orihuela.

Further, a work environment of the time will be reproduced, concretely of a warehouse with the containers, machinery and utensils for the packaging of the tomatoes. It will be the first time in the province of Alicante that a exhibition on the Alicante tomato export.

Wide range of workshops

To all this, a wide offer of workshops, activities and games for the smallests in La Tomateca, a children's play area, with workshops on smoothies, lollipops and tomato jelly beans, workshops on local products and climate change, a workshop magnets and plates, sponsored by Mercalicante, creative workshops and a titled storyteller Tales of Coloraos.

They will also be made two workshops of Sensorial Analysis of Tomato Muchamiel, in which adults and children will be able to discover if they are able to detect through taste and smell the properties of a good tomato.

In addition, the fair will be enlivened by the CIA Xeremiers and will have the presence of Pep Gimeno «Botifarra», whose performance will take place on Saturday 8 at 8pm.

This conference aims to involve the whole of the Mutxamelera society in the efforts carried out by the different entities (City council, research centers, agricultural associations €) to achieve the tomato crop recovery and so support the local and sustainable agricultural production, promoting the production and transformation of quality food.

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