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The Barcelona Tomic launches before the opposition of the Real Madrid player Ayón.

The Real Madrid was proclaimed this Friday champion of the ACB League for thirty-fifth time in its history, second consecutive. The team of Pablo Laso closes with a title a season in which he had reached the end of the Copa del Rey (defeat against Barça) and the semifinals of the Euroleague (defeat to CSKA Moscow). These are some of the keys to white victory.

  1. Template depth. “This team does not depend on a single player,” recalled Llull in Movistar + at the break of the third game of the final, when his teammate Trey Thompkins had emerged to put them ahead. In recent years, Real Madrid has recovered to the losses of some of its best players, who emigrated to the NBA as Mirotic, Sergio Rodriguez or Doncic. However, Pablo Laso has had at his disposal luxury models, ample in number of troops and generous in quality, with at least two players per position with full guarantees.
  2. Good shape in the decisive moment. The team has arrived at the decisive moment of the championship, which has also allowed him to conquer the first position in the league and, with him, the play factor for the playoffs. Until the defeat in the fourth game, Real Madrid had not lost in the Endesa League since March 24, when it was defeated, precisely, by FC Barcelona on Matchday 24. Since then, it has chained 17 wins (nine of regular league) and eight of playoff), many of them overwhelming.
  3. The consolidation of Campazzo, key on the outside. When Real Madrid was made in 2014 with one of the promises of Argentine basketball, there were few doubts about that base that did not reach 1.80 and had a very secondary role in that season of the triplet. After two years of assignment to UCAM Murcia, the 'Facu' became important last year and in this has established itself as a first-class defender.
  4. … and that of Tavares, inside. From the smallest, to the 'roof' of the ACB. In his second season, first complete, the center of Cape Verde has established itself as an absolutely dominant player under the hoops, especially keeping his own. Against the Tecnyconta Zaragoza beat his record of stoppers, seven nothing less. Their presence intimidates rival players and makes them think twice, which undermines something as essential as their confidence. He has improved his numbers in both scoring and rebounding.
  5. Continuity of the project. Pablo Laso is a collector of titles, but that does not mean he has not been questioned, especially externally. European eliminations, and especially the defeats in the finals of the Euroleague in 2013 and 2014 put the magnifying glass on him, but the confidence he has found from the dispatches has been key to consolidating a team model, united in the locker room and very attractive for the viewer.

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