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Pesic, coach of Barcelona, ​​and Milena Martín, Movistar reporter.
Screenshot @ACBCOM

Svetislav Pesic, coach of Barcelona Lassa, has never had a comfortable relationship with the press, and journalists know it. That's why, every time you talk to him, any reaction is expected. The last to suffer his curious animosity towards the media has been Milena Martín.

The reporter of Movistar Deportes interviewed the Blaugrana coach during the fourth game of the ACB final that faced him and ended up losing with Real Madrid. As soon as he saw Martin, Pesic asked him where he came from. When the journalist told him that he was from Madrid, Pesic's gesture He said it all.

This image has gone viral after the game, although it was just before the start. It is not the first time, nor the last, that Pesic has a hook with a journalist. Days before I had already starred in tense press conference, in which a reporter was surprised by the irony of the Serbian coach.


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