Neymar is “the great bluff” for 'L'Équipe'

Neymar on the cover of 'L'Équipe'

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Neymar on the cover of 'L'Équipe'.

Neymar junior is the protagonist of the cover of the newspaper 'L'Équipe' on Wednesday. The Brazilian forward is playing several bands with his future, only two years after his escape from FC Barcelona towards the PSG. “The great bluff”, headlines the French newspaper, which publishes a photo of the Brazilian with the shields of both clubs on the glasses of his glasses.

“The newsletter of its possible march to Barcelona promises to be long,” the newspaper adds on its front page; “The conversations have not officially started and the three parties are playing catch-up on their true intentions.”

The vice president of Barça, Jordi Cardoner, assured that Neymar has offered to the Barça to return, but has denied contacts to make it effective. André Cury, representative of the Catalan club in Brazil, says that the house of Neyma is Barcelona.

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