“As I'm a Madridista … between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​I'm more of Madrid”

Antoine Griezmann

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Antoine Griezmann, on the bench of Atlético de Madrid.

The newspaper library has a lot of danger, and Antoine Griezmann He is checking it on his flesh. The French striker has just promised eternal love to Barcelona, ​​after a controversial outing of Atlético de Madrid, but not so long ago he confessed to being a fan of a team that neither Crucones nor colchoneros have any appreciation: Real Madrid.

The social networks are remembering these days a confession made by Griezmann when he was a soccer player of the Real society. The French striker did not hide his Madridista preference after a league match with the txuri-urdin team, in statements to the Cope.

“As I'm a Madridista, plus Madrid”, answered the question about the match between Borussia Dortmund and Champions Real Madrid that was to take place days later. After joking with Thomas Guasch, Griezmann insisted on his white preference. “I'm txuri urdin, but between Barcelona and Madrid I'm more of Madrid“said Griezmann.

A little over a year after these words, Griezmann signed for Atlético de Madrid. With the red-and-white elastic suffered one of the most painful defeats of his life, that of the end of the Champions League in 2016 in Milan. His executioner was, precisely, Real Madrid.

That defeat was so cruel that the rumors of Atlético's departure began, and soon Barcelona noticed him as possible mate of Leo Messi and Luis Suárez in attack, especially after the departure of Neymar in 2017.


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