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Piqué poses for the family photo of the 30th anniversary of the Aura Foundation.

Gerard Piqué was one of the protagonists of the celebration of 30th anniversary of the Aur Foundationa, a non-profit organization that works to help improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities.

The defense of FC Barcelona was in charge of closing the event and he could not contain the tears, because he was touched during his speech.

His words also moved the more than 800 attendees to the gala, which included the awards ceremony “Companies with Aura“That recognize the entities that have contributed to the labor and social reintegration of people with intellectual disabilities.

Pique stressed in his speech that “these people are an example of improvement and effort, values ​​that must be recognized by society. “The defense he was thrilled for the first time referring to the “tireless workers” who work with Aura and confessed that “my first goal in life was to make my parents feel proud.”

The azulgrana he got excited again a few moments later, when he assured that “you with your work and effort you make your parents feel proud. ”


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