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Álex Abrines, during his presentation with Barça Lassa.

Álex Abrines Smile again. He has returned to Spain to play at Barça Lassa, after his career in the NBA was cut. The reason was not strictly sports, but mental: suffered a deep depression that made him sink.

In his presentation as a Barça player for the second time, the guard referred to those problems and the importance of having support. “It does not matter if you're Bill Gates or you are unemployed, these problems can happen to anyone. People should know that with the help of professionals, friends and family you can get ahead, “he said.

In this regard, he also stressed that professional athletes are not oblivious to the difficulties to cope with pressure or simply to avoid falling into a state of depression or anxiety.

“We are players 2 or 3 hours a day, but then you can go through difficult times, people must know that these things are happening and preventive measures must be taken so that they do not happen again.” In addition to the physiotherapist, there must be a person dedicated to mental health because it is also important, “he asked publicly.

His return to Barcelona takes place without losing sight of the NBA, and although the club was not the only one to be interested, it was the one that supported him the most. “Barça cared for me when my personal problems started and he did it thinking of me as a person rather than as a player and I would always appreciate this, I needed a place to enjoy basketball again and for me there was no better place than this club “, Abrines thanked.

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