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Gerard Piqué, in 'The Resistance'.
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Gerard Piqué keep preparing the 2019/20 season on the Asian tour of FC Barcelona, which does not prevent your company Kosmos Holding has expanded the famous heritage of which the player boasted in the program 'The Resistance' with a new acquisition: the Gymnastic Manresa.

It is a club that is dedicated to the player training and has a team in the Catalan First Youth Division.

Pique he noticed this team as possible Andorra subsidiary, a club that became the property of Kosmos at the end of 2018 and that recently has been news when requesting the vacancy that leaves the Reus in Second B and that costs 452.022 euros.

The Barca defender presented a proposal to the Manresan club that was accepted by 80% of the partners, according to Catalan media, which led the Catalan club to become a Sports Public Limited Company to immediately accept the Kosmos offer or, what is the same, of Gerard Piqué.

The soccer player's investment Barcelona It will allow your new club to pay a mortgage of 400,000 euros, in addition to improving its infrastructure.

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