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One of the banners against Neymar that were seen at the premiere of Ligue 1 in the Parc des Princes.

The debut of Paris Saint-Germain in the Flirt one 2019-20 against Reims was marked by the reaction of the Princes Park fans against Neymar junior, whose possible transfer has become one of the summer soap operas.

The fears of the leaders of PSG they were fulfilled during the official premiere of the team, since the stadium's stand showed its rejection of the Brazilian star with banners asking him to leave and clear insults in Spanish as “son of a bitch”.

Images of a part of Parisian fans charging against Neymar they did not take long to go around the world and show the discomfort of some followers who have got fed up with the continuous winks of their star to teams like the Barcelona or the Real Madrid.

Neymar He hasn't played a minute with the PSG since he joined the team preseason late and stayed out of the debut in the Flirt one because “he has not completed a week of training with the group and has not finished the session,” as confirmed by coach Thomas Tuchel.

In any case, Leonardo, French club's sports director, acknowledged that the club negotiates the departure of Neymar and, given the reaction of his followers, the official announcement of his departure will arrive sooner rather than later.


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