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Cover of L'Equipe on Neymar: “It stays.”

If it is not the end of the soap opera, it is very similar. L'Equipe opens its cover this Sunday with a blunt and Castilian “Stay”, with a photo of Neymar dressed in the elastic Paris-Saint Germain. The Brazilian striker has surrendered that his return to Barcelona is impossible right now and the French newspaper remembers him with the famous photo of Gerard Piqué.

The aforementioned newspaper says that this Saturday, Neymar informed the PSG officials that will not insist more and that this season will end wearing the colors of the Gallic set.

The FC Barcelona He has pressed until the end to take over the Brazilian, who left his staff in bad ways in the direction of Paris in exchange for 222 million euros. After several years in the French team and after not being as decisive as he expected, Neymar began pressuring both sides to return to the city.

However, the PSG was not at any time willing to make things easier. The high economic claims were partially alleviated by putting the operation into Ivan Rakitic Y Ousmane Dembélébut the two players They flatly refused to leave Barça. Neither Tuchel's calls the French striker, much discussed by the culé fans, was convinced to leave.

It remains to be seen how Barcelona explains this failure, since the highest levels of the club, starting with its president Josep María Bartomeu, took Neymar's signing as a personal project.


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