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The template cost limit of the teams is a factor that has been taken into account throughout the period of signings, since it is the maximum amount that each club can invest to face the course. Now The league has made public the cost limits of the staff of the teams of LaLiga Santander Y LaBiga SmartBank for the 2019/20 season.

The FC Barcelona It is the team with the highest salary cost all of the maximum division of Spanish football, because it consumes 671 million euros if we count the expenditure on players, first coach, second coach and physical trainer of the first team.

The Real Madrid follow closely the Barcelona players, with a budget slightly higher than 640 million. At a considerable distance the podium closes the Atlético de Madrid (348.5 million), one of the Spanish clubs that have spent more money this summer, but also one of those more has received after the departures of important players like Antoine Griezmann or Lucas Hernandez.

The difference of these three teams with the rest is remarkable, since the Seville It is the next team in the ranking with 185 million and only four other clubs remain above 100 million (Valencia, Villarreal, Athletic Y Betis)

Beyond the first team

The limit also includes expenditure on subsidiaries, quarry and other sections, and covers fixed and variable wages, social security, collective premiums, transfer / transfer expenses, including commissions for agents, and amortizations.

The employer of soccer informed that each club proposes its limit figure to the Validation Body of LaLiga, which can approve or rectify “Up to the amount that guarantees the financial stability of the club”.

The agency clarified that the request of a club “does not always correspond to its maximum limit”, since “it can request the limit you deem appropriate to meet its budget for sports expenses, provided it does not exceed its maximum limit. ” He also clarified that the established limit figure “does not imply that it will be consumed in its entirety”.

The ranking of the teams of LaLiga Santander It is as follows:

  1. Barcelona: € 671,429,000
  2. Real Madrid: € 641,049,000
  3. Atlético de Madrid: € 348,500,000
  4. Seville: € 185,166,000
  5. Valencia: € 170,673,000
  6. Villarreal: € 108,587,000
  7. Athletic: € 103,183,000
  8. Betis: € 100,346,000
  9. Real society: € 81,135,000
  10. Spanish: € 68,738,000
  11. Celtic: € 62,123,000
  12. Getafe: € 56,284,000
  13. I raised: € 54,604,000
  14. Leganés: € 52,082,000
  15. Alaves: € 49,771,000
  16. Eibar: € 47,123,000
  17. Osasuna: € 38,693,000
  18. Pomegranate: € 35,461,000
  19. Valladolid: € 32,034,000
  20. Majorca: € 29,968,000

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