“It's a deeper problem”

Jofre's apologies to José Luis Sánchez

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The journalist José Luis Sánchez hears Jofre's apologies after his threats.

The banner of the controversy during Barça-Inter It has led to a discussion between a former staff player and a journalist. Jofre Mateu warned José Luis Sánchez, of La Sexta, that there would come a time when he could not hide, in clear threatening tone.

The former soccer player, given the criticisms received, sent a video to 'El Chiringuito', program where Sánchez collaborates, to apologize. In the eyes of the journalist himself, the player apologized and explained what happened:

Hi. I send this video to apologize. Without excuses. I tried to delete the tweet as soon as possible seeing the reactions and avoiding the noise, but reading it again, and I have read it again, I fully understand that I could not only reach misunderstandings but to bother.

José Luis, I apologize. And to everyone who believes that it has not been correct. I appreciate that you have lent me the possibility to ask for them and I hope that the thing does not go over, because, I insist, it was not at all my intention beyond a discrepancy which, I understand, has not been expressed in the best way. Thanks again and best regards“.

Sanchez criticized the banner in which the message “only dictatorships imprison peaceful political leaders.” And, after accepting Jofre's apologies, he analyzed the event not as a problem in itself, but as a symptom of something greater.

“The apologies must always be accepted. We are all wrong at any given time. They are grateful, but this is a deeper problem,” Sanchez reacted after watching Jofre's video.

“It's a situation where football is in the background. It's something much more painful personally for me. Because I when I see a banner like that in my country, protected by a club that is under the RFEF umbrella, of the national league championship, that when he plays a European competition he does it under the Spanish flag and I see that insult in a stand, game after game … I can understand and respect that everyone has his ideology and his feeling, which is something very own that each one has very internalized, but without disrespect“he insisted.

And beyond the political situation, Sanchez takes his reflection towards what can derive this type of actions from public persons. “I accept Jofre's apologies. I understand that at a time of warmth you can put something that you later regret and that you don't handle the dimension that these words are going to take, but the example given is disastrous,” he insisted.

“Social networks hide and protect people who He insults us every day, who belittles us, That puts your daily life at risk. If he sees you on the street, then he repeats: 'I know what path you do, I know what movements you make, who you go with … ' We have to set an example and daily. That you don't agree because I defend my country and a certain team a lot? Okay, but always with respect because passing that line is a problem. And I think that at the Camp Nou that line is constantly being passed, with the collusion of FC Barcelona. It is a problem that must be tackled by LaLiga, RFEF and UEFA, “he said.


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