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Mapi León, with the little girl after the triumph of Spain over Azerbaijan.

The match of the women's soccer team against Azerbaijan, which recorded a resounding triumph of Spain and the record of attendance to a match of the women's team, also left an emotional story in Riazor. This is the detail of the defense of the Red Mapi León with a girl who considers him her “idol.”

The little girl visited the hotel concentration of the players of Jorge Vilda with a collage that included several photos of the international and even one of both. In addition, it included a beautiful message: “Mapi you are my idol. My dream, your shirt”.

The soccer player thanked the girl's gesture before riding on the bus and heading to the stadium, where they agreed to meet after the game: “Then I look for you,” said Mapi León.

The defense of FC Barcelona he played the 90 minutes without overdoing it, given the limited offensive potential of the Azeris, and did not miss his appointment after the final whistle, when the little girl was already waiting for the expected meeting.

The player changed on the same bench and waited for the little girl, excited, to go down to the green. There received a hug and t-shirt… but before leaving he returned to give his “idol” one last hug.


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