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Dembélé, in the match against Sevilla

Ousmane Dembélé He started Sunday against Sevilla. His inclusion in the eleven was quite surprising, given that Ernesto Valverde decided to sit on the bench no less than Antoine Griezmann, star signing this season and for which 120 million euros were paid this summer.

And the performance of the Frenchman was a perfect reflection of what his two-year-olds dressed in Barca were. On the one hand, moments of brilliance that make clear his tremendous talent with a flag goal to put the 3-0 and sentence the game; and on the other, a mental disconnection that cost him the expulsion and possibly miss the classic against Real Madrid in two days.

“You are very bad,” said the referee of the game, Mateu Lahoz, told both the Catalans who went to protest the red card and the minutes. The normal thing is that the Competition Committee interprets it as “contempt” and that therefore the Frenchman has two penalty games, which would cause him not to play against the targets at Camp Nou on October 26.

I trembled came in exchange for 105 million more variables (about 130 in total) after the departure of Neymar, but for now the Frenchman has not been able to succeed in Barça.


A great talent. It is impossible for Dembélé to deny him the quality he has. Every time he plays, he shows it. On too many occasions he chooses badly what to do, but this supplements him with a great talent that has as its best virtue to play equally well with the right leg and with the left. This makes him a disconcerting player and very difficult to defend, as he can leave on either side (always as an extreme) and with either leg.

“It's better than Neymar.” The phrase is from Josep María Bartomeu, president of FC Barcelona. And he has said it not once, but three times, all of them throughout this 2019. It is clear that the Frenchman has not demonstrated it yet, but that absolute support of the top leader culé is a great support for a player to whom the head He plays more than one trick. In this summer's negotiations to sign Neymar, nobody knows what was said, but Bartomeu always assured that Dembélé was never part of the Barca club's offer to Paris Saint-Germain.

A player who has fun. Marking 14 goals and distributing 9 assists in his second season were numbers for hope for a player who, let's not forget, is now only 22 years old. But what he likes most about him is how much fun it is to see him play, he is a footballer capable of lifting the public of Camp Nou from his seats with his genius.

Very young yet. Since Dembélé's problem seems to be more attitude than aptitude, the most hopeful fact is those 22 years he still has. At his age, Andrés Iniesta was not a starter yet in elBarça, for example. His sports maturity is yet to come and that is the great trick of the Gallic player today. You just need to know if Barça will have enough patience and will wait for you or you will end up getting tired if extra sports problems continue.


Constant injuries No less than eight injuries had the Frenchman since he signed for Barça just over two years ago. The worst, without a doubt, that of his first season, which had him out for almost four months. Muscle injuries have been numerous (six) and there are many who attribute it to the player not taking care of himself.

It has not shown its price. Although it is not his place that an exorbitant amount was paid for him, the truth is that Dembélé has not proven to be a player worth paying more than 100 million. His talent is enormous but too many times he leaves the feeling that he does not understand the game, that he is a free spirit that is not understood with his teammates. And their numbers, without being bad, are far from those of a star.

Numerous indisciplines. They have been a constant since he arrived at the Barça team in 2017 (precisely after declaring himself in rebellion in what was then his club, Borussia Dortmund). After a first year marked by injuries, in the second it was the numerous indisciplines that marked their season. In November 2018 he did not warn the club that he was not going to train (he claimed to have gastroenteritis) and he spent an hour and a half without showing signs of life. A few days later, he arrived only two minutes before the match between Barça and Betis. “He has a habit of being late, I know his excuses,” French coach Didier Deschamps said of him when asked about it. In the same month, his former landlord in Dortmund denounced him for damage to his old house (from garbage to rotten food). In December, he arrived two hours late for training, and did the same before the Cup final. In August he did not attend medical tests. To this we must add its absurdity

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