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Messi, in the presentation of his new clothing brand.

Leo Messi gave an interview to RAC1 in which he addressed all current affairs of FC Barcelona. The Barca captain, not very habitual to the media, was clear and direct in many of the issues raised, as is the case with his problems with the Treasury.

There have been times when I have ended up tired due to a lot of circumstances. I had several times, especially in 2013 and 2014, when I had the problem with the Treasury. It was very difficult for me and my family. People don't really know what is happening at that moment, they don't listen, they think and talk. Best of all, my children were small and didn't know anything, but we had a hard time. At that time I had the mind to get away, “he explained.

“Not because I wanted to leave Barça, but because of what I was going through,” he adds.

He also had words for Piqué, who on Tuesday in 'El Hormiguero' spoke about how much fun it is to talk to the media and argue: “He has been in the club for years and knows how things get here, he knows we all found out of everything. I honestly wouldn't have done it because it seems to me to make the biggest ball at a time when the locker room didn't suit him, “said Messi bluntly.

On the expulsion of Dembélé before Sevilla, the '10' was pronounced in the same line as Valverde: “We were surprised that he understood it so clearly because the truth is that Ousmane has a hard time speaking Spanish still. While everything is understood and understood, it is very difficult for Mateu to understand it so clearly. ”

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