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  • Piqué culminates one of his most media weeks with his time at 'The Resistance'.

Gerard Piqué never leaves indifferent neither on nor off the field. A few days ago, the Barca player himself recognized in 'El Hormiguero' that very rarely “he hailed it” unintentionally in his statements. He says he does it because he has fun, a hobby that has always kept him in the spotlight of fans and detractors.

This week, Piqué has been especially topical. Not only because of his visit to the space directed and presented by Pablo Motos, but for the imminent Davis Cup finals, which start in November in Madrid, and all the noise generated around.

Without going further, Roger Federer has maintained a certain crossing of statements with Piqué, after commenting on the Barça player who was trying to convince the Swiss to participate in 'his' Davis. “I never met Piqué, so I don't know what we have to work on,” said the world's number one.

This Thursday, at the 'Men with ideas 2019' gala, Gerard Piqué responded to the tennis player with a blunt “There must be bad communication between his agent and him.”

Another 'hook' to add to the list of a Gerard Piqué that, in reality, enjoy and handle the messages it emits like nobody else.

This week there has even been a problem in the Blaugrana wardrobe with two heavyweights such as he and Leo Messi, the undisputed leader of the workforce. A few weeks ago, Piqué sent a message to the board: “We know the club, we know what the related media are, we know the articles that come out and we know who writes them even if someone else signs them.”

Subsequently, Messi, in his interview at RAC1, simply said that he would not have made those statements, which clashed head-on with Piqué's attitude, although both claim that there is no problem in Barça's locker room.

And Piqué has continued with one of his most media weeks with another visit to 'La Resistencia', where he became the usual Gerard. Hesitant and funny, the '3' Barça left pearls like that “has not had the luck” to see the documentary of Ramos, or a loud “eat me eggs” addressed to the community manager of the program.

From handyman to the stands to 'well-known' players, Gerard Piqué always leaves something to talk about. And he knows it.

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